Advanced Javascript in 60 minutes

Advanced Javascript in 60 minutes

Are you an intermediate or advanced beginner and you are trying to learn advanced javascript concepts. And you have no time. This book is for you. This book is structured in the context of intermediate beginners and help you give nice head start on advanced javascript concepts. All the concepts are explained with less words with proper examples…

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Rapid Game Development with Cocos2d-JS

Rapid Game Development with Cocos2d-JS

Get a gentle introduction to the Cocos2d-JS framework to begin working with sprite manipulations, animations, and other 2d game development topics. This book covers environment setup and getting started with a framework that works seamlessly across all browsers. Rapid Game Development Using Cocos2d-JS teaches you the overall architecture of Cocos2d-JS and explains the internal working of the framework.

You will dive deep into sprites, the most important entity in Cocos2d-JS, animation APIs, and primitive shapes. You’ll also learn about the Cocos2d-JS UI system to get a head start in 2d game development. Finally, you’ll discover the features of Chipmunk (the built-in physics engine) with full examples.
What You’ll Learn

  • Get a simple head start in Cocos2d-JS
  • Gain an architectural overview of the different blocks of the framework
  • Master sprites, spritesheets, and frame animation
  • Work with the event system in Cocos2d-JS
  • Discover the animation APIs in Cocos2d-JS
  • Leverage the built-in physics engine

Who This Book Is For

Beginners looking to develop cross-platform mobile/web games with cocos2d-js, developers with intermediate skills on cocos2d-js looking for the reference.